Winter to Summer: Transition Tips for Your Spring Wardrobe

With winter finally drawing to a close and warm weather headed on its way, you might be tempted to throw your scarves and jackets back in storage and reach for the shorts and tank tops. But don’t break out the summer wardrobe just yet! Spring has nearly arrived, and the coolness of winter will linger for another month or two. To help you make the transition from winter to summer, here’s some tips on putting together the perfect spring wardrobe.

Invest in Light, Comfortable Pants


It’s not shorts weather yet, but it’s too warm for bulky, woolen pants and stockings. Invest in some light, comfortable pants that keep you warm without making you sweat. Make sure they’re loose enough that air can flow through easily–you don’t want to feel trapped in skinny jeans. Spring is typically windy, so this isn’t the best time for skirts, especially if you plan on being outdoors. But a few heavier, knee-length skirts can add a breezy touch to your spring wardrobe.

Add Some Light, Breezy Tops to your Closet


Sweater weather is over, but it’s a little too chilly for spaghetti-strap tops and swimsuits. T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, even a light jacket or two are a great addition to your spring wardrobe, and keep you comfortable in the cool, crisp air. On some days, you might want to dress in layers, so buy a few plain tank tops to wear underneath. You might even want to invest in a shawl for the earliest days of spring.

Replace Your Winter Boots with Sturdy Comfortable Shoes


You probably won’t need your fur-lined winter boots any time soon, but spring typically brings a lot of rain–and rain results in mud. Buy a pair of sturdy, comfortable sneakers that hold your grip in wet or muddy conditions. You might also want to buy a pair of lighter boots for the rainiest days. You can start introducing sandals and flip-flops into your wardrobe, but don’t wear them in muddy conditions or you’ll be scrubbing your feet all night!

Buy Some Delicate, Spring-Inspired Jewelry


If you like to accessorize, this is the perfect time to invest in spring jewelry. Retail stores are eliminating their thick beaded necklaces and snowflake-shaped earrings and replacing them with light, delicate, pastel-colored jewelry. This jewelry won’t weigh you down like heavy winter jewelry will, and it’s the perfect complement to a spring-inspired outfit.

Don’t Wait For the Seasons to Change

For fashion-minded women, now is the perfect time to get started before spring really sets in. Many stores are already stocking their shelves with spring fashion. If you start preparing your wardrobe now, you won’t have to deal with packed crowds and empty shelves later. When you know what you’re looking for, building a spring wardrobe is fun and easy, and gives you an excuse to shop around for a while. So go out there and start looking–you never know what you might find!



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