Why A Smile Is Your Most Powerful Social Asset

We live in a social world today. And that means that you need to be able to navigate the social landscape most effectively if you want the lifestyle you crave. Understanding the importance of a smile is key to your success. Here is why a smile is your most powerful social asset:

Confidence in Approaching

When you see someone you want to meet, it helps to have a great smile. You will naturally be more confident and not hold yourself back with excuses. This confidence helps you socially–whether it is someone you are attracted to or just someone you want to become friends with at a networking event.

Willingness to Smile

A smile is worth a thousand words. People who smile more are seen as more friendly and more trustworthy than those that don’t. So make sure you are showing your natural charisma with your smile every chance you get for the best results in your life.

Laughing at Jokes

If you want to endear yourself to others, make a habit of laughing at their jokes. They don’t have to be the funniest person in the world, but if you are already smiling when they are talking, then you are halfway there.

Building Trust

Building trust is a critical social asset. Without trust, you won’t be able to have people to call on when you are in need. If you are smiling with your inner power, then others will trust you more and be there for you when it counts the most.

Creating a Social Brand

Today’s social world is all about branding. If you don’t have a powerful brand, it is hard to get attention. This goes for whether you are looking to do something in business, arts, or philanthropy. A person who smiles gets more followers, likes, and shares.

Demonstrating Success

When people see you smile, they assume you must have something to be happy about. They will start to project different images of success onto you because of this. However, if you are not smiling, you aren’t giving their imagination much to work with.

When it comes to the social world today, your smile matters more than ever before. With so many resources available, people who don’t take care of their smiles are looked down on by those who do. So don’t miss out on the incredible value that a brilliant smile can offer you. Take care of your teeth, so they shine through every time you go out.


Brian Tracy

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