What You Need to Know to Create a New Look

Start the year off right with a style that reflects the real you. By reinventing your look, you set the tone for the coming year. Whether it’s bold, modern, subtle or classic is up to you. Here are some pro tips for effortlessly building your style.

Toss It All

Take a moment to truly look at your wardrobe. Does it reflect you? More importantly, does it reflect who you want to be? What we wear takes the intangible parts of ourselves (personality, hopes) and communicates them to the world. If you were happy with what your wardrobe says about you, you wouldn’t be reading this article. To change that, you must start from scratch. Even holding on to an old pair of shoes is holding onto a piece of that unhappiness. Now is the time to be daring.

Go Beyond Clothes

Style is more than what we wear. The proper nails, accessories, hairstyles, and even hair color are essential to personalize a look. Thankfully, changing them is easy. Hair is a good place to start. Depending on your comfort level regarding a change, you may want a drastic cut or you may even want to try a new hair color. There are some pro tips for hair coloring you can use that can easily make the experience much better.

• Take your time choosing the color • Test the dye on a hidden section before dyeing your whole head • Buy two boxes of dye if you have long hair • Leave your hair down after applying dye for an even color • Don’t skip the conditioner

Find a Style, Not a Trend

The big takeaway is that you need to find your style. Trends change with the seasons, but your sense of style is something unique. When who you are and what you wear are in harmony, everything else falls into place. Many people find that a certain style aesthetic fits their own sense of fashion, and will follow the trends in the boho chic or uptown style categories. Others will make their own eclectic sense of style from multiple fashion resources. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some pro tips:

  • Look at a range of fashions
  • Keep track of what you like
  • Make sure you like it on you, not just other people
  • Be daring in your choices
  • Remember that you’re unique and your style should reflect that

Why suffer one moment longer with a look that isn’t you? A new year is for new beginnings and greater opportunities. Don’t waste any more time. Reinvent yourself today.