What to Do With the Spare Room in Your House

When you have an extra room in your house, there’s always a world of possibilities to explore in design. No matter how large your family is, there are so many options to enhance your home by creating a theme for your spare room. Here are a few options that will make your decor stand out from a crowd.

Guest Room

The most obvious solution for a spare room is turning it into a guest room. Your guest room doesn’t have to match the theme of your house. Instead, create a guest room as a special getaway for your visiting friends and family. The perfect guest room should be welcoming to your visitors after a long trip, so consider soft lighting and a comfy bed. Take a little time to clean and dust before your loved ones arrive so their guest room is fresh and inviting. Adding extra little touches, can go a long way to making it feel perfect. A cozy electric fireplace can double as heating if you live in a cold area, and a low level lighting source.

Entertainment Spot

Why not create a gaming and entertainment room in your spare room? Instead of cluttering your living room and bedroom with electronics, you can turn your extra room into a place everyone would love to hang. There are so many different types of game rooms you can turn your spare room into. Some themes for your room could include video game characters or movie posters. Look to a large television and a special sound system, but don’t forget comfy seating for your next get-together.

Business Central

Your home is a place to relax after work; however, your spare room can be a separate place to bring your job home. You can choose to put together a traditional office or use your creative flair to make a room just for you to pursue other business ventures. We all have clothing we never wear, so consider storing your items to sell, and develop a fashion and beauty room with great lighting for pictures and videos. Your spare room can separate your lounging areas of the house from your business-savvy ideas that will make you money and also be a fun activity when you have spare time!

Your spare room is more than just a storage place. Your home will feel truly unique and even may increase in value when you make your extra room a place of your own. No matter your interests, we’re sure you’ll find an idea that’s just right for your lifestyle.