What Does it Take to Start a Career in a New-Age Spiritual Industry?

Manifesting a spiritual career requires more than bay leaves and citrine, although those can certainly help too! If you are ready to follow your dream of opening a New Age store, launching your own psychic business, or make extra money reading crystals and Tarot cards on the side, it’s going to take a lot of self-confidence, business sense, marketing, and training.


Chances are, you’ve felt called to one aspect of New Age Spirituality or other, and this call makes you want to take action. That’s been your inspiration for doing this. Yet no matter what you feel called to do, work in the New Age Spirituality industry requires not just talent, but skill.

If you know or are close to someone in your community who is already doing what you want to do then now is a good time to reach out and see if they are willing to mentor or teach you as their student. The more you can learn from people who are already out there doing it, the more you gain from their knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Otherwise, you can find books and online courses for everything from clairvoyance to palmistry. Before you embark on any business venture or career, you should be confident and capable in your chosen profession. Having a formal certificate or mention of your training isn’t necessarily required for success in the career, but depending on your situation it may be helpful.

Business acumen

Almost a third of small businesses in the US fold within their first two years, so if you want to be successful in running your own New Age business, you have to think both as a business owner and a spiritual seeker.

You can certainly launch a spiritual career within someone else’s business, but many people eventually dream of striking out on their own. Even if you do not, learning to think about the money side of the business will help both your bottom line and your employer’s.

No matter which type of spiritual practice you offer, it will require your time, energy and training, which you then pass on to your customers. Some people will offer deep discounts, free readings, and other giveaways, thinking that it will attract customers and bring in more business. It may, but the discounts rarely attract steady customers, especially if they know they can get the same for a lot less just by waiting for one of your frequent sales or freebies.


On the other hand, free giveaways can be a popular way to attract visitors and fans to your website, social media sites, and stores. However, you may not need to give away your main source of business, not if you can offer a secondary source instead.

For example, if you usually do Tarot or crystal readings for clients who come in the door, you could offer something else instead – like a free crystal, or a one-time giveaway of a Tarot deck to a lucky customer who shares a link to your social media page or posts on your website.

Blogging is another great way to attract visitors and raise awareness of your services. Many blogging sites can bring in extra revenue through ads and links to products, and it can give you free advertising of your services to people who are already interested in the subject.

Some of the best marketing tools, though, are the people and places you already know and hang out at. If you have a favorite New Age store, ask if you can post a sign or your business cards (you will need those too!) on a billboard at the front entrance. Let your friends and loved ones know that they should pass the word about your business too for anyone that may need it. Word of mouth has become the oldest form of advertising for a reason.


Last but not least, when turning a spiritual career into a reality, you have to believe in yourself. It may sound cliche, but the power of belief is real. Many lightworkers, spiritual healers, and new age facilitators may feel called and wish to take their work and make it into a career but are held back by impostor syndrome – the persistent doubt of their own abilities and accomplishments.

Yet working against that doubt is always the constant urge that it is time to take up the call and do something with that passion or dream. When you feel that the time has come to take that next step, this is the voice you need to be listening to, not the naysayer.

If that has been a problem, you may need to take some time first to clear the energy block in your life. Meditation, yoga, crystals, and whichever other spiritual and life guides can all help your self-confidence and give it the boost that it needs.


In conclusion

A spiritual career is often as much of a calling as it is a way of paying the bills and keeping up on your mortgage or rent payments. If you have been thinking about taking the step and making it your own career, then you will need to pay attention both to the spiritual and business sides of that endeavor.

Running your own business, especially in the early stages, means knowing how to put the right value on your work and your time so that you can stay afloat and keep up an income. Marketing, word of mouth advertising, and knowing when and how to offer freebies and discounts to your customers will be a big part of that.

You also cannot neglect preparations for the spiritual side of your business. Before you start the career you will need to be familiar with and comfortable with your chosen vocation so you can do readings or work with whoever comes to you for aid. More importantly, you also have to have the self-confidence and assurance to trust your instincts and turn your dream into reality.