Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: Where Should You Stay?

Planning a vacation can be stressful. We want a comfortable place to stay without splurging too much. We often think reserving a hotel room instead of a vacation rental is a no-brainer, but there are many perks to a rental that can end up being more cost-effective than a room. Depending on your needs, it may be the most comfortable option.

Increased Privacy

Many people want privacy and security while traveling, especially with the prevalence of information being stolen from phones or other devices. With a vacation rental, you won’t have to walk through a lobby every time you enter and exit the premises. Neither will you have noisy neighbors that you can hear directly through your walls. The best privacy benefits come with detached units where you may enjoy a private pool, beach access, marina access and much more. You have the option to make your destination as private as you want it to be.

More Space

This is one of the best perks of a vacation rental. They are designed to be your “home away from home” in every possible way. They offer multiple bedrooms (as many as 5 or more!) and bathrooms with sprawling living room space and full kitchens. This allows for children to play and take naps in separate rooms and gives adults plenty of space to lounge around and relax. Getting similar benefits at a hotel comes at a high premium, and you still probably won’t get the same amount of space.


There are several ways that vacation rentals save you money compared to staying at a hotel:

  • Dining out can get expensive when you’re on vacation. Vacation rentals have full-sized kitchens that allow you to cook meals for the family, saving hundreds on meal costs
  • In-unit washers and dryers are available to do laundry during your stay. This benefit allows you to pack lighter, saving you money on baggage fees
  • If you vacation with multiple families, you can split the costs of your vacation rental even further

Personal Service

Although your rental is meant to mimic home, you don’t have to trade luxury services for comfort. You can get both, which is one perk that a hotel room just can’t compete with. Some vacation rentals offer premium concierge services, housekeeping and butler services comparable to a luxury hotel resort.

Next time you’re unsure of which lodging option is right for you, just remember that you won’t be “vacationing” 24/7. When you prioritize your comfort and living experience, a vacation rental will be a no-brainer every time.
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