Top 8 Exercises to Reduce Laugh Lines Around the Mouth

Laugh Lines are the lines which form on your face when you laugh. These lines extend right from the corners of your nose to the ends of your mouth. These are the lines which separate your face from the jawline. On some people, these laugh lines can look quite flattering but on some people, these laugh lines can look very unpleasant. But don’t worry. There are various ways to reduce laugh lines around the mouth. There is a surgical treatment and also a non-surgical treatment. Today, we will be discussing the non-surgical treatment. Under non-surgical treatment, there are several exercises which target to reduce the laugh lines around the mouth. Have a look at the top exercises to reduce the laugh lines around the mouth!

Exercise 1:

This is a simple pout exercise. Pucker both your cheeks together and form a pout-like face. This will create a hallow effect on the cheeks and with time, it will reduce the roundness of the cheeks and reduce laugh lines with time.

Exercise 2:

Pull both the upper and lower lips inward and hold them tight. Blow the air inside your mouth and hold it for some time. Repeat this exercise in every set of 5.

Exercise 3:

Smile as wide as possible. This will create a sculpted and tighter look on your cheeks. Also, with time your facial area will get toned and laugh lines will also diminish.

Exercise 4:

In this exercise, you need to smile widely with your mouth parted. This is just a simple exercise. Hold this position for some seconds and you will start feeling the stretch on your cheeks. This will not only tighten your cheeks and will improve blood circulation all throughout your face.

Exercise 5:

Make a small O and feel the muscles all around your mouth. Now, with the small O, try to smile as widely as possible. You will soon start feeling the heat in your cheeks.

Exercise 6:

Try to do some neck rotations. Twist your head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. This will tone your neck and will also tone down your cheeks too. This will create the illusion of shadow on your cheeks.

Exercise 7:

Raise your head toward the ceiling. Now, try to pout with your head high. This will make the cheeks toned and sculpted at the same time. And with time, your laugh lines will also reduce.

Exercise 8:

Smile, as widely as possible. Try to press your cheeks from both the sides. This will create a pressure on your cheeks and thus, your laugh lines will reduce in no time.

So, try these facial exercises and see the difference yourself. You will see that the laugh lines will diminish and reduce in no time.