Top 3 Breweries in New Mexico

If you are a craft beer enthusiast, New Mexico’s various brewhouses will be an exciting trail of discovery. With unique, local ingredients, New Mexico offers some unique flavor profiles that you are unlikely to experience anywhere else. If you are planning on visiting the state, here are three breweries to try out.

Santa Fe Brewing Company

Situated in New Mexico’s capital, the Santa Fe Brewing Company is often said to be one of the best breweries in the state. With a constantly changing menu, the brewery offers a multitude of craft beer options so that there is something for everyone. According to Trips to Discover, not only is the Santa Fe Brewing Company the first brewery in New Mexico, but it is also one of the most sustainable and technologically up to date. With three taprooms in Santa Fe and one in Albuquerque, Santa Fe Brewing Company offers year-round beers such as the 7K IPA that has notes of citrus, grapefruit, and tropical flavors and seasonal options such as the Sunsetter that is an ale with flavors of agave and lime.

La Cumbre Brewing Company

La Cumbre Brewing Company is a local brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 2010, La Cumbre Brewing Company is located in the heart of New Mexico’s largest city. The Rio Grande River splits the city in half and the local mountainous region makes Albuquerque one of the highest elevated major cities in the United States. According to Budget, Albuquerque hosts one of the greats when it comes to local breweries in New Mexico. La Cumbre Brewing Company operates two taprooms and a brewery with year-round and local seasonal specials. La Cumbre Brewing Company’s Full Nelson is a seasonal DIPA with an aggressive hop. The seasonal Strawberry Goose is a beer brewed with the acidity similar to Spanish wine. The hint of salt and subtle strawberries leaves a pleasant aroma.

Truth or Consequences Brewing Company

Located in New Mexico’s popular hot spring district Truth or Consequences is the local brewery of the same name. Along with their natural mineral hot springs in the Rio Grande River, historic public bathhouses, and the beautiful desert dunes and panoramic landscape, the Truth or Consequences Brewing Company reminds visitors why they should drink craft beer with a good ambiance. Truth or Consequences Brewing Company‘s tap list includes ales, stouts, IPAs, lagers, and light beers. Their specialty taps include the Cerveza Gold which is a pale lager with a mild herbal spiciness, the Dark Skies Oatmeal Stout which is a stout beer with coffee, cream, and oats and the Fireside Tripel which is a pale Belgian ale with banana, clove, pepper, and sugarcane.


Next time you pass through New Mexico, make sure you check out these establishments to sample some of the local craft brews. Craft brews can differ vastly based on local ingredients, and New Mexico craft beers are among some of the best award winners in the industry.


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