Things to Check Before Renting That Apartment

Before signing an apartment lease, it’s important to perform a preliminary check of the basic functions of the unit. This helps you determine whether an apartment is a suitable living space for you. There are several common things to look for while evaluating whether the overall condition of the apartment is ready for a new tenant.

Check the Plumbing

Use a pressure gauge to test the water pressure. Check the drainage in the bathroom and kitchen. Look out for backed-up drains or water overflowing into multiple fixtures. Turn on the water in the sink to make sure that the water drains easily through the pipes. After turning on the sink water, check whether the toilet water begins to rise up. Flush the toilet to determine whether the water gurgles, and pay close attention to the sink or tub. When there are problems with plumbing fixtures, water may come up from the tub while the toilet is flushing.

Check for Signs of Pests

While walking through the apartment, check for common signs of mice, cockroaches, and other pests. Look for small droppings in and around the unit. Open the cabinets, check around the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen, and look in the corners of all the rooms. If the apartment is infested with pests, they could be hiding in dark, moist places. Sniff the air to look out for musty odors. Homes and furniture infested with cockroaches are likely to have a strong, foul odor. Look for moults and small dark spots in places where cockroaches tend to like to hide.

Check the Electrical Units

Turn on all lights to test whether they’re working properly. Check to see if any lights are flickering when you move the power switches. Sometimes, a unit may have electrical outlets that aren’t working. Make sure that no outlets appear blackened. You can also test all outlets with a multimeter or voltage detector. Insert a probe into each slot to verify if the reading gives off 110 to 120 volts. As you inspect the unit, check electrical appliances in the kitchen and utility rooms. Turn the appliance on an off. Malfunctioning appliances may be caused by an electrical shortage or power surges in the apartment.

Check the Carpets and Hardwood Floors

When an apartment is ready for move-in, the carpets and floors should be clean. They should not emit a bad smell. Check for stains and tears in carpets. Determine whether the hardwood floors have cracks or dirt hidden in the corners.

When you’re renting an apartment, you want to make sure that you look over the entire place before you sign the lease. It’s better to find the issues and have to keep looking for a place to live than to take on a problem rental that will cause you heartache later.

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