11713754_1596765143909161_5200305720748385995_o-2Modern, neat and angular lines softened with long, loose and flowing tops provide Fashion Week goers with the highly coveted hourglass and A-line figures trending for fall. Pencil skirts, crop tops and one-pieces cinched at the waist help create that ladylike hourglass while lightweight, elongated shirts and sweaters balance out fitted jeans, knee-high boots and pressed culottes. The long shirt sans pants of the 90’s is making a comeback in the form of workwear — a crisp button-up in white or chambray or a soft cashmere sweatshirt.

Details are subtle and minimal, from pinstripe and houndstooth patterns in dark navy or neutrals to ribbed texturing on leather Moto jackets and cotton sweaters. With this season’s love for minimalist style and head-to-toe monochrome neutrals, the clean, giant watch face with a thin rim serves to be fall’s most prominent status symbol for men. If you’re parched for color, miniature details like patches and buttons or a fun character purse, help to personalize a clean base. Meanwhile, hints of precious metals and high-quality materials (like, say a leather wrap dress or metallic booties) serve to express discerning taste for those with a penchant for the upscale.