Modest and Trendy is Not an Oxymoron

Despite what the pages of the latest fashion magazines may indicate, it is completely possible to be both modest and trendy with your fashion choices. Regardless of if you are choosing to dress modestly for religious or other reasons, you can still be stylish with your wardrobe choices. Here are three things to consider to prove that the words modest and trendy are not oxymorons.

Modesty-Friendly Trends of 2019

Women who prefer a more conservative style can still keep up with the latest in fashion trends. According to E&O Apparel, maxi dresses are still very much on-trend this year, creating the perfect go-to modest summer dress option. Wedge sandals are all the rage this year, making them the perfect accessory for your maxi dress. Tie-dye materials have also made a big comeback in 2019. This type of print is found in a myriad of modest shirts and dresses, allowing you to be true to your conservative roots while still wearing one of the season’s trendiest fabrics.

The Key to Meshing Modesty with Trends

There are a few key principles to follow when looking to mesh modesty with the latest styles. Choosing colors that are in style is something that is not dependent on the cut of the fabric, allowing you to be on-trend without compromising your commitment to modesty. According to 40 Plus Style, palazzo pants are still in style and provide a flowy and comfortable design in contrast to their tight pants counterparts. The long cardigan can be paired with a variety of bottoms to create a stylish yet modest look.

Hiring a Personal Stylist Can Help

Having a personal stylist makes fashion easy, according to Bridgette Raes. A professional stylist will have the knowledge and tools needed to curate a wardrobe suited exactly to your specific tastes. This means that you can dictate that you want your style to reflect your commitment to modesty while being on-trend. In today’s increasingly connected world, you can even hire a stylist to work with you remotely. This makes it easy to enjoy a personally curated wardrobe without having to search high and low for the fashion that fits within your parameters of being modest but stylish.

While it can be a challenge to achieve the perfect balance of trendiness with your conservative wardrobe, it is certainly possible with a little trial and error. Have fun with the process and be sure to let your true personality shine through with your wardrobe.