Making the Best Christmas Tree Possible

Is it possible to begin setting up the family Christmas tree too early? Probably not. However, before you go on climbing up to the attic to retrieve your artificial tree or go out to shop for the freshest pine, step back for a second and think about what you truly want out of this year’s Christmas tree. No doubt, you and your family want the very best Christmas tree possible. Keep reading for some tips on making this cherished holiday season as special as can be with the perfect tree.

Plastic or Real?

One of the most common dilemmas for families is choosing whether to get a plastic or real tree. Understandably, many people would prefer to go with a real tree; it not only smells great, but a real tree also gives that extra wow factor when guests come over for the holidays. However, there are a few disadvantages to choosing a real tree for Christmas. One is that they are often very expensive for an item you’ll only use once, with most having a $70 to $200 price tag. In addition, they can also be very high maintenance due to the shedding of pine needles and the overall instability of a real tree. Fake trees, on the other hand, provide you with a lot of selection at a lower cost. Sure, they might not have that fresh pine smell, but the variety of options is more than enough to sway people to go this route.

The Lights

Lighting on a tree can either make or break the overall appearance of it. Many of the most beautiful trees seen on the covers of magazines and high-end storefronts tend to follow a color scheme. So, if you choose to use gold-themed decorations, it might not be the best of options to purchase multi-colored lights. With that out of the way, now it’s time to turn to safety. Contrary to popular belief, not everything is appropriate for placing on a tree. Improperly used decorations can be dangerous. Too many decorations can cause wiring issues as well as overheating. Therefore, it is always best for everyone’s safety to inspect your tree’s lights and wiring every day for signs of overheating.

The Perfect Tree-Topper

The tree-topper, or star, as many come to know it, is the crowning glory of a beautiful Christmas tree. Choosing the right tree topper should always be aligned with the theme of your tree. For example, a Christmas tree created around the theme of angels could greatly benefit from an angel as a tree-topper or the traditional star. Families should also keep in mind the weight of the tree topper. Often, excitement gets the best of people during the holidays, and they tend to neglect the question of whether the Christmas tree can handle the weight.

Making the perfect family Christmas tree can be a little challenging, but anyone can accomplish this goal. Simply keep the tips listed above in mind to begin brainstorming ideas for the best Christmas tree possible this year.