It’s Time for an Interior Design Makeover: Tips for Turning a Room From Drab to Fab

You walk through your house and feel a sense of dread. Everything looks drab and dull and it’s affecting your mood. How can you change that? You can turn any room from drab to fab by doing just a few simple things.

Play Around With Accessories

One thing you can do is to play around with accessories. Many home décor stores have simple accessories that you can buy to add a little sparkle, or an aesthetic to the room that it was lacking before. You may also have accessories that aren’t being used. Switch them around, find a style that works for you. You can even add an area rug to your room. There are several benefits of having an area rug in a room, including it being a simple contrast in texture, or adding a splash of color that was missing. You may find that adding just a few accessories really makes the difference between a drab room and a fab one.

Add Some Color

Color can make or break a room. If everything in the room is one shade, it can feel very drab. But adding even just a splash of color can make all the difference in the world because it makes the colors pop. When adding color, stay simple. Don’t try to add the entire color wheel because then your room would be overwhelming. Perhaps try an accent color, like a pale-yellow to go with your white bedspread. You can also add a pale-yellow pillow, a yellow lamp, even a yellow rug on the floor to add contrast from the white. Adding color can add just the right amount of contrast and create a different room.

Clear the Clutter

Another thing that you can do to change up your room is to clear the clutter. If there are furniture pieces you aren’t using, get rid of them. If there is an excess amount of clothing in the closet that prevents it from being shut, go through it. Clear the excess items stuffed in a dresser or under the bed. Getting rid of clutter can not only transform your room by making it feel more open, it can also affect your mood.

Your drab room doesn’t have to stay drab any longer. With a few simple tricks, you can transform your room into the fabulous creation you’ve always dreamed of.

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