How to Use a Makeover to Improve Your Career Opportunities

A makeover is more than just a paint job or a facial. By investing in yourself you can boost your confidence, get some great photos taken and move forward into a better opportunity. Whether you’re looking to change careers or just hoping for a better job, a makeover can brighten the whole process from the outside in.

Look Good, Feel Great

Unfortunately, having years of experience on your resume can scream “too old to hire” to some hiring managers. Consult a professional to help you review the obvious signs of aging such as greying hair or tired skin. Next Avenue suggests working with a hair coloring professional who can help you to create a natural-looking hair color, rather than a less convincing dye job.

Best First Impression

Studies show that you have three seconds to make a great first impression. By walking into your interview with a fresh makeover, you know that you look your best and can focus on demonstrating that you know your stuff as well. Consider investing in a wardrobe consultation so that your interview outfit is both subdued and in style. Be ready to toss severely outdated clothing pieces to make room for stylish new options. You want to grab attention with your knowledge and skillset, so keep your outfit understated. According to CMQ Headshots, before any headshots or resume pictures, you should discuss your look with your stylist and the photographers.

Make Over Your Online Presence as Well

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? How old is the photo? According to SalientMG, you should make sure that your online photos are updated to reflect your new look. Anyone who studies your resume photo, your LinkedIn profile, or your business cards that you’re traveling with are all going to see your new look. Once you’re fully coordinated, remember the niceties of interviewing. You will want to send out thank you cards. A personal note via email a week after the interview is also a gentle way to remind your interviewers of your interest. In a world of online applications, getting the time to have a face-to-face interview is a big deal, so celebrate it.

Job hunting, especially when you’re a little older, can be stressful. Be ready to put in some hours to find positions that suit you. Do your best to get, or stay, in shape. Take good care of yourself to demonstrate that you take pride in yourself and your work.

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