How to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle Through Your Home Decor and Fashion

Minimalism is a term that’s getting a lot of attention at the moment. The goal of getting rid of unnecessary belongings can be a good start to a minimalist lifestyle. This is different from just being frugal. You can adapt your whole lifestyle to be a minimalist, whether it’s in your home or your fashion style.

What Does It Mean to Be a Minimalist?

Minimalism is different for each person. For example, someone focused on aesthetics may choose to paint all of their walls white and leave nothing on display. Other minimalists prefer to live with only the items they must have and forego the rest. Something that is true for all minimalists is to avoid clutter and excess in all forms. It can be safe to say that one of the major benefits of minimalism is a reduction in your expenses.

Home Decor

If your goal is to have a minimalist home design, start with a very simple color palette. For example, you might move everything away from the walls, take down all your artwork, and paint the whole space a clean, bright white. Once the walls are dry, only put back the items you truly enjoy and feel necessary to have or display. There are several benefits of minimalism in your home. One of them is that you will have nothing in your space that isn’t beautiful, memorable, or useful to you.


A minimalist closet is easy to manage and concise. You might choose to invest in a capsule wardrobe and pack up all of your other clothes. If that doesn’t work with your clothing needs, start where you are. The first step to creating a minimalist closet is to choose a base color. For many people, black is the best option. Start building outfits around your base color. You’ll find there are articles of clothing you use constantly and others that never leave the closet. Get rid of what you don’t use and stop shopping for a set amount of time. If you do bring in something new, get rid of something similar to avoid filling up your closet again.

You don’t need to move into an austere, spartan space to be a minimalist. This lifestyle is unique to each person. You can simplify your home decor the way you like and change up your fashion sense to only what you feel is necessary. Hang onto the items you love, and let the rest go until you are relaxed and comfortable living a minimalist lifestyle.

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