How to Decorate Each Area of Your Home Appropriately

Choosing how to decorate your home is one of the perks of being a homeowner. It’s part of what turns your house into your home. While there is often overlap in how you go about decorating each room, it’s important to consider each room’s unique purpose and allow that to guide you in how you decorate it.

The Living Room

Your living room is one of your home’s traditional gathering areas. Decorating this room starts with selecting furnishings that will facilitate those gatherings. Choose furniture that is comfortable and fits into your overall interior design style. You can add colors by adding throws and pillows. The color, fabric, and style of the window curtains can also be used to enhance the living room. Experiment with adding decor to coffee tables and end tables. Small potted plants or vases of flowers, coffee table books, and small figurines or sculptures can make nice additions and add character to the room.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually a very practical space by necessity. When decorating the kitchen, it’s important to do so in a way that won’t impede your work in it. As such, it’s probably best to keep otherwise normal decor items off counters and out of your way. You might weigh the pros and cons of open cabinets, which allow you to show off your dishes or cookware. As an added bonus, this will encourage you to keep them neat and organized. Other kitchen decor elements include the cabinet and sink hardware, lighting styles, the arrangement of small appliances, and the placement of personal items like kitchen towels.

The Bathrooms

Another highly functional room, bathrooms still benefit from tastefully added decor. The colors you select can have a huge impact on your bathroom. Because these tend to be relatively small rooms, it’s often best to choose colors that make rooms look bigger. You can build on the color theme or add contrast with the color of your bath and hand towels, shower curtain, and bath mat. The sink and bath hardware can also be selected to coordinate with the chosen color scheme for your bathroom. When choosing any decor for the bathroom, remember that this room can get pretty damp and steamy. It’s important to choose items that will hold up to this and not promote mold growth in your bathroom.

Outdoor Space

If you have a deck or patio in your backyard, decorating them can help you create your own little outdoor paradise. Decks have many benefits, including the ability to have large groups over to socialize. Beyond entertaining, these spaces can be perfect for some personal relaxation, outdoor yoga, or grilling up a tasty meal. Start by choosing your outdoor furniture. Choose furniture that will stand up well to your local climate conditions. Wood furniture can be sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature, for example, so if you live in an area with fluctuating conditions you may be better off choosing furniture made from something else. Plants can be another great outdoor decorative element. Choose plants that will be best suited to the level of sunlight they will get on your deck or patio.

The Front Porch

Your front porch is another area of your home worth giving attention to. In fact, since it can have a strong impact on your home’s curb appeal, it’s arguably an essential area to decorate. Adding benches can give your home an inviting atmosphere before any visitors even make it through the front door. Potted or hanging plants can frame your porch and doorway to give it a neat, yet lively appearance. Your front door is a great place to hang wreaths. It can be easy to think of these as merely seasonal decorations, but there are some great wreath ideas that are perfect for using all year long.

The Entryway

Just on the other side of your front door, your entryway will be the area that gives visitors the first impression of your home’s interior. Base your decor around the interior design style you’ve chosen to introduce your home to those who enter. And pay special attention to the smell. This is the first impression your guests will have of your home, so it’s important all senses are delighted. I recommend cleaning products that keep your home smelling fresh without the harsh chemicals, like Melaleuca products. You might also find it helpful to have a rack for coats and shoes close to the door to organize shoe chaos. These racks are built in many different styles, so you should be able to find an option that fits well with the rest of your home. 

The Dining Room

Choosing the centerpiece or focal point of a room can be a little tough sometimes, but not so with the dining room. The dining room table is easily the center of this room. The style of the table and the surrounding chairs will go a long way towards expressing the overall style of the room. Choosing your lighting fixtures is another important design element. Dining rooms should be comfortably lit to promote a pleasant eating environment. You can decorate this room with pieces of art on the walls, through the selection of drapery for windows and any doors, and table settings. Table runners, placemats, and centerpieces can all add an element of elegance to your dining room.

Home Office

Just because you use your home office to work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it. In fact, carefully decorating your office can help you create a more productive environment. If you’ll be seeing clients there, either virtually or in person, you’ll want to make sure your decorations are as professional as possible. A well kept house plant, quality furniture, adequate lighting, and the tasteful use of personal photos can create an office that balances a professional appearance with some personalization. Just make sure that the decor you choose won’t be too much of a distraction to you while you’re trying to work.

A lot of the basic principles of decorating rooms carry over from room to room. The application of those principles and the details are what warrant consideration as you decorate each room in your house. Decorate to suit your personal tastes while keeping the function of the room in mind to create an end result that you’ll love to live in.

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