How to Blend Your Fashion and Architecture Tastes

If you are a fan of all things design-related, you have both a strong sense of architecture and fashion style. Your fashion choices will complement the design of your living space and vice versa. When guests arrive, the right outfit will highlight your excellent taste, making you a part of the overall design and flow. Here are some ideas for blending fashion choices with architectural design.

Wear Complementary Colors

When you designed your living space, you chose the perfect color for your room. You want to choose an outfit that does not blend in but complements the room color. For a subtle look, choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, you might pair blue and green shades or red and orange. If you want to command attention, wear a complementary color like red in a green room, or blue in a yellow room. Bright clothing can be a great accent in rooms with trendy gray walls. Most of all, choose a color combination that you personally enjoy.

Match the Lines

Many rooms are designed with a sense of direction. Vertical lines draw the gaze upward. Horizontal lines emphasize width. Curves can make a room feel more relaxed. You can find clothing that matches the lines of the room. As with color, you can decide whether you want to draw attention to the lines by matching or contrasting them in your clothing. Wearing horizontal lines in a room with a vertical focus will draw attention to you.

Look for Patterns

The human eye is very attuned to patterns. Most designers include them in the rooms they produce. They can be simple, like a circular window. They can be more complex, incorporating floral patterns or swirls. In older homes, pay attention to details in woodwork or on mantelpieces. You can match these patterns with your clothing. For example, wearing a dotted pattern in a room with circular windows will draw you into the room’s design.

Light the Home

In order for people to recognize your efforts to blend fashion and design, they have to be able to see the details, color contrasts and architectural lines. If the space is not well-lit, they will miss what you are trying to do. Architectural lighting can help show off the beauty of your home to guests and passersby. Proper lighting is an essential part of any design effort.

When you combine fashion and architecture, you become part of the design process. Don’t forget that you can merge functionality with beauty in your home! Create a space you love and wear clothes you enjoy. Let the world see your great sense of style.