As things speed up for this year, the balance of managing a hectic work schedule and maintaining somewhat of a social life can begin to teeter totter — and we often find ourselves in the position of deciding between meeting up with friends or checking out an exciting event straight after work. Though I often don’t mind the range of possibilities that can await after a long day at the office, the challenge of selecting a look that’s professional enough for day, while casual and chic enough for whatever last-minute festivities await, can make for some tough sartorial choices.

But as our Look bookers have demonstrated, having a few classic, versatile pieces on hand can make all the difference. Some of our favorite picks include the crisp white shirt, chambray button-ups, long fitted blazers in classic white or black, culottes and skinny jeans and a statement accessory like a patent leather bag or shoes (we love brogues on both men and women, or for something more upscale, Valentino’s legendary stud heels). Swipe on some sultry red lipstick or a few coats of mascara and you’ll be ready to party as hard as you work.