• Stylish Rolex watch appraises at $700,000

    A North Dakota man had to lift himself from the ground after he collapsed upon learning that a Rolex watch he purchased in the 70’s was now worth an astounding $700,000.  The sticker-shock appraisal happened when the Antique Roadshow made a stop in the Roughrider State earlier this year.  Residents from West Fargo descended upon […]

  • How to Get a Successful Start as an Interior Designer

    Interior design work can run the gamut from designing high-end homes to corporate headquarters. While serving as an interior designer, you will need to focus on more than attractiveness and serviceability. Some knowledge of the basics of building and design can help you better understand structural considerations. Find Your Niche Your design work niche can […]

  • 3 Things to Check Before Jumping on the Newest Craze

    Crazes, fads, and trends come and go all the time. When one thing slows down, it seems like there’s another one popping up right behind it. When this happens, there is usually a huge number of people jumping in without too much thought. This can be dangerous and put you out of a lot of […]

  • Top 3 Breweries in New Mexico

    If you are a craft beer enthusiast, New Mexico’s various brewhouses will be an exciting trail of discovery. With unique, local ingredients, New Mexico offers some unique flavor profiles that you are unlikely to experience anywhere else. If you are planning on visiting the state, here are three breweries to try out. Santa Fe Brewing […]

  • Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: Where Should You Stay?

    Planning a vacation can be stressful. We want a comfortable place to stay without splurging too much. We often think reserving a hotel room instead of a vacation rental is a no-brainer, but there are many perks to a rental that can end up being more cost-effective than a room. Depending on your needs, it […]

  • The 4 Pillars of a Good First Impression

    First impressions are critically important because they define you. When you make a poor first impression, revising someone’s opinions of you becomes nearly impossible. The person’s “mental hard drive” can’t be so easily overwritten. If you made poor impressions in the past, the time has come to make necessary changes for the future. Follow these […]

  • 4 Tips Powerful Sales Professionals Need to Be Successful

    Not every salesperson who is a natural was born for the job. In fact, very few people are, but determination and willingness to learn can correct any deficit. There are qualities and skills a sales professional can work on to hone their abilities and improve their craft. If you’re motivated to pursue the field of […]

  • 5 Elements of Every Good Website

    For every business, customers are the lifeblood of success. Without customers, your business cannot survive, and it definitely can’t thrive. There are many ways to gain new customers, but one of the best ways is by having a website that speaks to your customers and sells them for you. Here are five elements that every […]

  • How to Start Your Own Fashion Design Company

    If you love fashion and have an eye for style and color, it may be a dream of yours to start a fashion design company. After all, the idea of traveling the world from one fashion show to another, mingling with celebrities and other famous people, sounds like a dream come true. However, as anyone […]