• a black Satchel

    10 Best Bags for the Busy Woman

    A woman’s bag is her lifeline. It holds everything she needs throughout the day – from her wallet and phone to her lipstick and hairbrush. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the best bags for the busy woman. Whether you’re looking for […]

  • Are Gap jeans good

    Jeans are one of those quirky articles of clothing that, depending on the person, can be a challenge to be a perfect fit. Take two people with the same body dimensions and put the same pair of jeans on each of them, and you’re likely to receive two different opinions on how well they fit. […]

  • The style of an urban cowboy

    When you think of the wild west, you think of, well, “wild” things: Wild animals, wilderness, wild outlaws, and wild clothing. One definition for wild is: without regulation or control And clothing in the wild west certainly was without regulation. In fact, the clothing for American cowboys was based primarily on utility–not fashion. Cowboy boots, […]

  • Stylish Rolex watch appraises at $700,000

    A North Dakota man had to lift himself from the ground after he collapsed upon learning that a Rolex watch he purchased in the 70’s was now worth an astounding $700,000.  The sticker-shock appraisal happened when the Antique Roadshow made a stop in the Roughrider State earlier this year.  Residents from West Fargo descended upon […]

  • How Can You Stay Informed of the Latest Fashion Trends As They Happen?

    Fashion trends move fast in the digital age. The good news is that the online world makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on or even ahead of the latest styles. This guide will help you to keep pace with the latest fashion trends as they happen. Know When Styles Change Most of us […]

  • How to Use a Makeover to Improve Your Career Opportunities

    A makeover is more than just a paint job or a facial. By investing in yourself you can boost your confidence, get some great photos taken and move forward into a better opportunity. Whether you’re looking to change careers or just hoping for a better job, a makeover can brighten the whole process from the […]

  • 3 Summer Beauty Tips to Give You the Look You’re Trying For

    Summer is the time to put on your best outfit, and go out and have some fun. However, due to the hot weather and sweat, beauty products don’t always cooperate. Read on to learn three summer beauty tips that will help you look your summer best. Switch to Waterproof Formulas In the summer, switch to […]

  • Modest and Trendy is Not an Oxymoron

    Despite what the pages of the latest fashion magazines may indicate, it is completely possible to be both modest and trendy with your fashion choices. Regardless of if you are choosing to dress modestly for religious or other reasons, you can still be stylish with your wardrobe choices. Here are three things to consider to […]

  • 4 Set-and-Forget Beauty Tips You Can Implement Immediately

    Going through the same lengthy beauty routine can eat up a great deal of precious time from your very busy day. It can also get boring using the same products over and over. Why not shake your routine up a bit and create more time for yourself as well? Here are four beauty tips you […]