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  • How to Dress to Conquer the World

    White polka dots against black tulle, T-shirt knotted over top, black lace choker, and boots that made me feel invincible. I was walking to class, and a girl came up on my left. For some reason she kept going straight, almost as if she were trying to walk through my shoulder.

  • How to Style Your Winter Puffer Coat

    while we absolutely love any excuse to pull out our favorite boots and play around with endless winter outfit combinations, arguably the hardest part about winter style is pulling off a puffer without looking, shall we say, marshmallow chic. The Long Puffer While blizzard conditions do pose some hurdles in the style department, Katie makes […]

  • Seven Habits of Highly Fashionable People

    Anyone can know the hottest labels and trends. Anyone with money can buy them. Owning fancy “it” brand pieces can get you a few Instagram-worthy photos, but having genuine style takes a little more. What is it about the highly fashionable that makes style seem so effortless? They always look fabulous, but never seem to […]

  • What to wear to a music festival: men’s guide.

    When it comes to the likes of Coachella, Glastonbury, Primavera Sound or Governors Ball, you can bet the level of excitement for music, sun and unforgettable performances is high for both the guys and the girls, but when it comes to inspiration for festival fashion however, things don’t look as balanced. Festival outfit tips for […]


    As things speed up for this year, the balance of managing a hectic work schedule and maintaining somewhat of a social life can begin to teeter totter — and we often find ourselves in the position of deciding between meeting up with friends or checking out an exciting event straight after work. Though I often […]


    Modern, neat and angular lines softened with long, loose and flowing tops provide Fashion Week goers with the highly coveted hourglass and A-line figures trending for fall. Pencil skirts, crop tops and one-pieces cinched at the waist help create that ladylike hourglass while lightweight, elongated shirts and sweaters balance out fitted jeans, knee-high boots and […]


    Little hints on the street and shows for London Collection Mens (LCM) are telling us that the gentlemen are getting buttoned up for fall. The boys are trading out the flannel, grunge and facial hair of last year’s cafe racers and lumberjacks for more refined threads. Silhouettes are narrowing into cleaner, more fitted lines — […]


    There are few things more inviting than the scent of freshly baked bread coming out of a brick oven, paired with a full bodied glass of wine. This mix of warmth, comfort and richness of flavor serves as the foundation for this season’s most coveted autumnal colors. Calm, hearty colors (as practical as potatoes) are […]