Are Gap jeans good

Jeans are one of those quirky articles of clothing that, depending on the person, can be a challenge to be a perfect fit. Take two people with the same body dimensions and put the same pair of jeans on each of them, and you’re likely to receive two different opinions on how well they fit. One person might be very happy with the fit, while the other person might be dissatisfied. It really boils down to a matter of preference. There really is much more to “fitting” a jean than a mere waste/length dimension. This conundrum is part of the reason why Gap Inc. was founded, and is the topic of this blog post: Are Gap jeans good.

In the late ’60s, Donald Fisher and his wife Doris lived in San Francisco. Donald was frustrated that he couldn’t find a good-fitting pair of jeans. He was middle-aged and was bemoaning the limited selection of fashionable, comfortable jeans for folks of his generation. In fact, that’s where the name “Gap” came from. It was a nod to the generation-gap that the company was trying to close with a new line of jeans.

The first Gap store

The first Gap store opened in 1969 with huge success. By 1973 it filed for an IP and by the 2000s was a booming billion-dollar enterprise.

Gap, Inc., which owns Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy, is well-known for its selection of trendy jeans. By most accounts, Gap jeans are considered some of the best-fitting, stylish, AND affordable options in the denim market. In an age when it’s increasingly difficult to find a simple pair of jeans without a bunch of urban bling and flare, Gap still offers an abundance of classic jeans that fit great and won’t break the bank!

According to a recent Glamour magazine article, Gap is a must when considering places to buy jeans, especially if you have a smaller, petite frame. And if you’re a guy, GQ says good things about Gap jeans in this article about affordable, stylish denim.


Don’t take my word for it, though. The best way to determine if Gap jeans (or any brand of jeans) is right for you is to try them on for yourself. Buying jeans via e-commerce is risky affair. It’s best if you try them on at the store first.