6 Ways to Integrate Your Home Security Into Your Home Decorating

If you are planning on installing a security system for your home, you are probably wondering how everything will look once you have placed all your components. Visions of “Star Trek” may be playing in your mind. Don’t fret, you can have all the security you want without giving up your ideas of how your rooms should look. Try these following ideas for ways to smoothly integrate your security into your home, and you are sure to find one that works for you.

Disguise Your Security Cameras

No matter what overlying decorative themes you choose to use in your home, you will want to incorporate your necessary high-tech security pieces as smoothly as possible. Having multiple cameras scattered around your home in plain sight could make you feel like you are living in a department store. It’s easy to avoid that look, though. Try placing your cameras amongst other items, like decorations on a shelf. Some cameras are made to look like other objects or come in a range of styles and colors that can blend in with things around them. With some careful thought and placement, you can have security options that don’t clash with your style.

Develop a Classy Tech Look

Instead of trying to disguise your home security gadgets, use them as an integral part of your décor. Choose cameras, hubs, lock pads, sensors and other items that have a futuristic appearance that is sleek and shiny. Aside from looking cool, there are some practical benefits of using smart lock keypads around your home along with other innovative security system features. Your smart home’s features will be on display in this approach, making them easy to access but still pleasing to the eye.

Hide Your Technology in Furniture

Just like in the old days of TV cabinets, you can have security and other smart home items that are placed inside of items or behind some type of coverings. Recesses with sliding doors supply a terrific way to keep necessary security objects out of sight. Standing cabinets and shelves with doors are also useful for keeping your security gadgets handy but hidden. It is easy to choose cabinets and doors that complement the interior of your home, and you can use inventive designs with mirrors, glass and premium woods to accent your existing décor.

Colors Are Important

Security appliances can come in many styles and colors. When buying various objects, try to get them in colors that match the themes you already have around your home. If you can’t find them in matching colors, go with black or silver in order to prevent any dissonance in your colors. As a general rule, don’t buy devices that are white plastic because that is a difficult color for blending. The exception to that is if you’re going for an all-white look in the space.

Combine Your Devices

Try to avoid gadget clutter. Buy your security appliances with the goal of not only providing exceptional security but also with the purpose of keeping the number of items at a minimum. Many security gadgets are multi-use, and you can carry out many tasks with single objects. Systems that use a smart home hub are great for supplying all the functionality you need with a centrally located control.

Control Your Cords

Having knotty bundles of cords lying around your home can be a problem. These clumps of cables and cords are unsightly and can be hazardous if they are in areas that people need to walk through. Simply putting zip ties around your cords will not solve the problem.

Try using mounts for your cords behind other things like doors and cabinets. Run your cords under rugs and carpets and behind curtains. Consider buying a system that uses a central smart hub, which will limit the number of devices you need for separate functions and thus limit the power cords.

With some thought and planning, you can have a safe and secure home that does not interfere with your ideas of elegance and comfort. You can choose items that supply all the functionality you need without sacrificing any elements of your style. Careful research and choices will give you the smart home you want that is smart in purpose and smart in appearance.