5 Ways to Optimize Your Tinder Profile and Boost Matches

Have you noticed yourself spending more and more time swiping left on Tinder? You haven’t had a match in over a week? It can be exhausting, constantly searching and trying to swipe to find an exciting match. Try out these simple and easy tricks to increase your chances of getting more matches and profile views on your Tinder.


Say Cheese


When you go on a swiping spree, have you noticed that you tend to swipe left on profiles that don’t include a cover photo of the person’s face? Who wants to match up with someone who has no face? If your cover photo doesn’t include a picture of your smiling face, then consider changing it to one. The face is the first thing people notice about you and having a great cover photo of your face significantly boosts your chances of a match. They can easily make out if you are an interesting person who like to workout or if you’re really great at makeup. Studies have shown that men tend to swipe right on profiles of women who have nice faces of makeup or fuller lips. Try doing up your face or possibly investing in some lip enhancements to gussy up those Tinder matches.


Avoid Group Photos

As you can see, your cover photo on Tinder says a lot about who you are. Try avoiding including friends or large numbers of people in your cover photo. This prevents people from playing guessing games on your profile. It makes it difficult to see who you are if your photos always include other friends. Make it clear that you’re selling on great package, you!


There is only one exception to the previous rule: mankind’s best friend, dogs. Researchers noticed people tended to get more daily matchups when they posed together with a dog or a cute pet on their cover photo. So pull up your furry best friend and cuddle up for some adorable selfies.


Your Profile

After you’re done mastering the ways of the Tinder selfie, it’s time to look at your profile. Your “About Me” section should be a maximum of three or four short lines covering who you are in a concise, playful, and efficient manner. The key here is authenticity, laced with a little humor and tempered by a positive attitude. Avoid complaining, criticizing, or victim-centered language. If possible, avoid “challenging” potential matches with lists of who should swipe left – this creates the impression that you feel entitled, which is an incredibly unattractive attitude.

tinder profile

If you are still having trouble getting more matchups on Tinder, try revising the answers on your profile. Try to keep them simple and not too specific. You can’t go wrong if you write down simple interests. If you get too specific with your answers, people won’t have a clue about what you’re talking about, and even less about who you are.

Try out these golden rules of Tinder profile making. You might find yourself matching up with more people than you can even count. These time-tested tricks will turn you into a Tinder matching expert. Who doesn’t want a large variety of matches to choose from?