5 Ways to Improve Your Jawline

If you want to improve your jawline, you’re not alone. Most people do. However, it can seem overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, the five methods below can help you have the jawline that you have always wanted. Some plans are better for the short term, while some are more suited to the long term:

Work Your Angles

This is the first method you can try. Although it doesn’t attack the problem at its root, it can give you some quick results. Whenever you are taking a selfie or a picture of any kind, use better angles and lighting. The angle should be from above, with the camera higher than your jaw. Secondly, use more lighting from the front and above your face. These two aspects will drastically improve how your jawline looks, but won’t change its true nature.

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Go the Dental Route

If you want more drastic change for your jawline that lasts a lifetime, think about dental procedures like dentures, veneers, or bridges. For many people, their jawline begins to diminish due to having weaker and fewer teeth as they grow older. Without teeth, your bone density will shrink causing your jawline to be affected with it. Dentures and other cosmetic dental work can help you reverse this by having a strong jaw profile again.

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Grow a Beard

For men, a poor jawline can be improved through facial hair. With a variety of beard styles and shapes to choose from, it’s easy to find a style that can suit both your face shape and personality. When looking to define your jawline, steer clear of a clean-shaven look or even a full beard, and opt for a chin strap instead. Having a line of hair even with your jaw will make it look more prominent.

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Eat Fewer Carbs

Quite simply, your jaw looks improved when there is less fat around it. It will stand out more when it is just lean muscle and bone. A low carb diet can be one way to make your jaw stand out more. Cut out bread, pasta, cheese, and candy and go for more beans, greens, and protein for this to work.

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Exercise More

If you don’t feel like changing up your diet, you can simply exercise more. Aim to burn more than you take in. Eventually, you’ll notice your jawline becoming sharper. In addition to total body exercise, you can also workout your face. With more than 57 muscles in your face and neck, targeted facial exercises can do a world of good when you want to define your jawline. 

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When it comes to looking good, the jawline is one of the first areas that people are going to notice. Having a great jawline can be a huge confidence boost. However, sometimes it’s just a matter of having a normal jawline and not attracting unwanted attention. Whatever your reasons for wanting a better jawline, know that it is possible. Just try the methods above and start enjoying your new look.

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