5 Ways Men Can Look 10 Pounds Lighter

It is not uncommon to find heavier set men stating that they do not want to bother investing in a new wardrobe because they do not want to waste money. Instead, they think they would rather wait to lose the extra pounds and then buy new clothes to complement their new physique. In reality, you do not have to wait to shed off the extra pounds to look stylish. In fact, by buying clothes that complement your current physique, you are much more susceptible to eating better and being more active, which would lead to subsequent weight loss! Below are 5 ways that men can look 10 pounds lighter simply by changing their sense of style.

Buy a good pair of dress shoes

Some men may steer clear from dress shoes assuming that they are exclusively worn for special occasions. This assumption could not be further from the truth. When buying your dress shoes, look for pairs that are made from premium leather with a rounded toe and a thin sole. Avoid dress shoes that have either an exaggerated pointed toe or those that have a square shaped toe. Round-toed dress shoes create the illusion of longer legs, which will make you seem tall. The taller you look, the leaner you appear. Secondly, the thin sole also makes you appear slimmer since thick soles usually add weight to the appearance of a man.

Ditch your belts for braces

Braces, commonly referred to as suspenders, are a much better option to secure your pant if you are a heavyset man. Firstly, their classic appeal makes you appear stylish and distinguished. Secondly, belts tend to cut your body in half, and this can be conspicuous if you are carrying around some extra pounds on your midsection. With braces, there isn’t any extra attention being drawn to your waistline, which could make you appear leaner than you are. A misconception some people have about suspenders is that they can only be worn with formal attire. The truth is you could buy casual braces that can easily be paired with the jeans or khakis that you wear for informal situations.

Opt for dress shirts and fitted sweaters

A mistake heavy set men make when picking their clothes is choosing baggy shirts and sweater assuming that this will camouflage the extra weight. What these clothes do is simply make you seem larger since there is no definition of your physique. The best approach would be wearing dress shirts that hug your waist, chest, and shoulders. These shirts automatically create a silhouette, making you seem lean. You can accentuate this further by always wearing an Underfit vest beneath the shirt. When dressed in a sweater, make sure that it is not too large as it will start bunching and create more rolls around your midsection than you have.

Wear jackets that appear tailor made

Granted, not every man can afford to shop for bespoke attire that is fitted for their individual physique. Nonetheless, this does not mean you cannot get items that appear to be tailor made for you. When buying jackets and blazers, the trick to looking leaner is to pay particular attention to how the garment hangs below your abdomen. The longer the jacket or blazer, the bigger you will seem due to the excess fabric. Instead, look for clothing items that fall just below your waist, making them appear fitted to your size. Alternatively, you could have your blazers and jackets professionally adjusted, which would be more affordable than buying them tailored to fit you.

Do not over accessorize

Accessories are supposed to tie in your entire outfit rather than being the stand out pieces of your look. A mistake some people make is choosing over the top accessories. This not only ends up making your outfit look too busy but the accessories could also make you appear heavier. For instance, if you are wearing a scarf to stave off the cold, choose muted colors without any prints to make your neck and chest appear leaner. It is also important to note that vertical lines are much more slimming than horizontal lines.

These are just a few of the strategies that can be employed by either the regular Joe or corporate CEO that is looking to look leaner by trimming his silhouette. As you can see, you do not need to spend hours in the gym to look ten pounds lighter!