5 Things All Brides Need to Prepare for Their Wedding Night

The night after you first get married is a very special time for you and your partner, as well as the honeymoon that follows. But in the tizzy of wedding planning, the night of sometimes can be set aside and even all but forgotten outside of booking the hotel. Take a moment to make sure these five things are packed in your getaway bag (especially if this is your first time).

Birth Control

This is the first thing you will need to start planning for if you are not already on birth control and do not intend to start having children right away. Visit a gynecologist to get a regular checkup and discuss birth control options. You need to do this a few months before the wedding because it can take a few weeks of regular usage for birth control to start working.


50% of women of all ages deal with vaginal dryness, and it is often more common when you are feeling nervous. Having your wedding night ruined by unpleasant dryness and pain is never a good idea, so have a quality lubricant on hand. Make sure it is one that is unflavored and unscented, and only use water based lubricants if you plan to use condoms.

Soothing Creams

Many women get back from their honeymoon and have to schedule a trip to the gynecologist right away because they feel sore or have burning when they pee. This often happens because of the repeated friction in the area, and it can be fixed with a lotion or cream designed to moisturize without upsetting sensitive areas. It is possible to pick up a harmless UTI or yeast infection from excessive sex, so you may want medicated creams on hand for these conditions.

Flushable Wipes

Keep in mind that these might not actually be flushable if you’re honeymooning in an area with outdated plumbing, but they are still great to have on hand. Wipes lets you quickly and easily clean up without having to actually hop into the shower. They are great to have on hand both before and after sex.


On your wedding night, you probably want to feel as sexy and confident as possible. Most wedding gowns require beige, seamless, strapless undergarments that aren’t really the most appealing option. Many brides like to have a little bit of sexy lingerie that they can slip into to get their wedding night started.

With the right preparation, you can spend your wedding night celebrating with your new spouse instead of worrying. These five items will make your wedding night relaxing, convenient, and fun.

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