5 Accessories to Complement Your Glasses

It was a slow burn, but glasses have finally become cool. In fact, it is now considered a fashion statement. Still, it does not hurt to add a little pizazz to the way you wear your eyeglasses. The following are five accessories that should complement your style and glasses.


1. Chains


Your prescribed glasses are a significant investment, and you should try to prevent them from falling or being misplaced. You can opt for attractive eye wear chains. There was a time when glasses were held by unattractive lanyards, but now there are chains with gold or silver finishes that should look great while keeping your glasses from falling. Some chains are made from imitation pearls or even raw materials like sterling silver, just in case you are allergic to other metals.


2. Cases


You do not have to worry about carrying distasteful cases since there are many fashionable cases for women’s glasses. For example, some are made by top rated designers, which can make your cases look great and still protect your glasses. You can opt for cases made of steel for extra protection or fabric pouches designed for glasses if you want that touch of femininity that only pouches can offer.


3. Fit-Overs


The sun can really hinder your sight, and those who wear glasses have had to deal with it, but that stops now. You can wear great and stylish fit-over UV protectors to shield you from the sun so that you continue to wear your eyeglasses. These will hide your glasses and will look like regular sunglasses.


4. Side-Shields


How many times have you had to deal with rain or snow creeping behind your glasses when you are out in the elements? Yes, this happens a lot, but it does not need to. Many top designers are now giving people the option to purchase side-shields that could protect you from such elements. The shields are stylish and translucent, so you do not have to worry much about decreased visibility.


5. Ear Hooks


Another addition to your glasses that can serve like an accent are ear hooks. These accessories are non-slip, which should help keep your glasses in place. They come in many different colors and should help make your eye wear pop just a little more. One idea is to wear ear grips with a color that matches your outfit that day.


Of course, these are just a few ideas that could help take your eye wear to the next level regarding fashion, but do not be afraid to trust yourself in these matters.