4 Sports Careers That Non-Athletes Can Pursue

It is no secret that not everyone is cut out to enjoy a long career playing professional sports. Fortunately, there are a variety of careers that sports enthusiasts can take on even if they are not athletically inclined. Here are four of the most promising sports careers that are ideal for people of any athletic ability:

Sports Journalist

There is a myriad of career opportunities available in the media for sports fans. Those who enjoy public speaking could look into a path in broadcast journalism. If you have strong writing and communication skills, you might find success as a sports writer or editor. Media relations associates are needed at nearly every level of competitive athletics, putting this position in high demand. Earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism will set you up for the most success in this field.


Jumping into the field of coaching is an ideal way to stay around sports without personally competing. Although the field is extremely competitive, it is easy to move up quickly if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. It is important to remember that success will not come overnight. Prospective coaches generally start at the youth level and work their way up.

Athletic Director

The job of an athletic director is well-suited for individuals who enjoy the administrative aspects of running a sports program. Athletic directors are needed at a wide range of educational institutions from primary schools all the way up to the university level. Some schools have degree programs specifically designed to help prepare you for a rigorous and nuanced career as an athletic director. These degree programs encompass a myriad of disciplines from budgeting and accounting to group management to marketing and more.

Athletic Trainer

If you enjoy science and sports, a job as an athletic trainer is the perfect mix of both of these passions. These trainers work with athletes to treat and prevent injuries related to the sport. This job allows you to be on the sidelines for sporting events and also provides close engagement with athletes of a variety of skill sets. Certified athletic trainers carry a bachelor’s degree and must pass a comprehensive exam.

You do not have to be a world-class athlete to live out your sports passions through your career. With a little research and experimentation, you are sure to find the career path that is perfect for your athletic interests.