4 Print Design Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You to Know

There’s something magical about direct mail. Whether you’re advertising a product or letting clients know that you’ve moved locations, the right printed piece can communicate your brand identity, draw in customers and remind existing clients of how much they value your services. Before you print and mail a few hundred flyers, read these design secrets to save money and make your campaign significantly more effective.

Keep Copy to a Minimum

Print design is an extremely visual medium. You know that a recipient will see your message, but you have no guarantee that they have the time to read it. Use short headlines, keep paragraphs concise, and rely on images to get your first impression across. If you manage to catch your potential client’s attention, they’ll pause and read the rest of your brochure.

Bright Paper, Black Ink

Print design is defined by the paper it is printed on. Try printing on colored paper for an attention-grabbing design with a surprisingly low cost. Choose bright colors that match your brand or theme and print your design with shades of black and grey. You’ll spend less than if you printed in full color, but your mailers will catch full attention.

Postcards Cost Less

Weight matters when it comes to mail. If you’re worried about your campaign’s budget, try a sweet and simple postcard design. Postcards typically cost less to mail. The amount saved varies based on your area, but even a few cents per card add up when you’re sending out hundreds of direct mail pieces. Postcards are also a great way to immediately catch the recipient’s attention; in a pile of envelopes, your colorful design is sure to stick out.

You Can Verify Mailer Recipient Addresses

When you start a direct mail campaign, you want to make sure your flyers end up in the right place. Services exist to double-check client information before you send those mailers out. These address verification services are particularly useful if you have developed a large client base over several years. Submit your address list to the verification service at the start of your design process. By the time you’re ready to go to print, you’ll know for sure that your letters are headed to the correct destination.

Like most forms of design, print design is all about the first impression. Make smart budget decisions, choose a printer you trust, and design something that you know will catch their eye.

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