4 Colorful Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Renovating your kitchen can change the whole appearance of your home. It can lift your spirits and make you want to be in the kitchen more often. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits to redesigning your kitchen, which include updating it, making it more inviting for guests and even promoting emotional and mental wellness.

Forget the White

There are many advantages to having white cabinetry, flooring, and walls. However, white can also be very boring. White and even two-toned color may come off as dated. It doesn’t always add the touches to your kitchen that reflect your unique personality. Instead, use white as accents or ditch it completely and go with a color scheme that’s a little more adventurous.


Another fun and visually interesting color scheme is monochromatic. You can do this with any color. Monochromatic kitchen designs utilize one color in different tones, textures, patterns and shades, giving the room a very chic vibe.

Some of the best colors to use in this color scheme are red, blue, black, green and gray. You could go further into the color pallet and choose yellow, teal, pink and other secondary or tertiary hues. The key to making this design work is decorating your kitchen to complement the colors. It’s important to avoid accessories and décor that make your kitchen look busy.


If your style is warm, earthy tones, then redwood might be the color scheme for you. Redwood flooring offers a traditional and charismatic ambiance to your kitchen. According to Flooring America, one benefit of redwood is that wood is extremely durable and stain-resistant.

Cabinet sets in rich greens, blues, yellows, oranges, off whites, light browns, and many other colors will complement the redwood in your kitchen. In addition, you can get redwood cabinet sets in a different hue that will go beautifully with your flooring.


A symphony of black gives your kitchen a modern vibe and can look very stylish. Plus, your decorating and design choices are almost endless since black goes well with many colors. Pairing black with darker colors like blue for a warmer tone or bright colors like red gives you a very interesting color scheme for your kitchen. Moreover, it’s easy to change out your décor and accents with black, allowing you to spruce up your kitchen several times a year.

The key to redesigning a kitchen you will love is choosing colors that go well together, creating interesting and appealing visuals and expressing your unique taste.

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