3 Trendy Hairstyles for 2017

A new year brings plenty to the universe, in the way of renewed hope, more high-tech gadgetry, exciting spring fashion and especially, ready-to-try trendy hairstyles. Hair is always important when you’re updating your look, no matter what kind of length, texture and type you have. So, here are 3 Trendy Hairstyles for 2017, straight from the fashion catwalk, ladies:

Over-Slept, Twisted and Sexy

messy hair sexy

Slept-in with a slight curly texture is the goal with this feminine do. It even works on short hair, if you have enough length to make some sensual twists. Designer Tanya Taylor gave the thumbs up to this one, as her models walked the runway.

To achieve this hot trend, it’s recommended you apply sea salt spray to damp tresses and begin twisting strands. Stylists were making 50 twists to each model’s hair. Then, allow your locks to air-dry the natural way.

Blunt, Fresh Fringe

hair blunt

Bangs are the hot hair accessory making their presence known in the new year. If you’re not in the mood to commit to fringe, then you could always rely on some faux fringe in extensions. Either way, the style works with short, medium or long hair and was the head-turner at the Gucci, Chloe, Christian Dior and Versace shows. There were some shaggy bobs and bangs ruling the runway.

If you’re not happy about the thickness of your hair and feel it’s too limp, or you’re a bit self-conscious about a stray bald spot (it can happen), relax. There are some incredible solutions available in effective bald spot spray and products with amazing hair building fibers. No one has perfect hair, and it’s okay to fake it.

One Braid, Or Many More

hair braid

Braids are popular once again for 2017. Roberto Cavalli’s models wore a single braid in front, and the minimal hair accessory was both fresh and feminine. Emilia Wickstead’s models showed off braids with an intricate design, including two French braids weaved severely near the hairline. The braids were tied loosely in back, with the rest of the hair falling down into waves.

Jonathan Simkai had his models stroll down the catwalk with hidden decorative braids. His stylist wove beads and colorful string into the baby braids.

When it comes to hair care products, the best can be found at salons. There are also great hair care products available online, including Sei Bella from Melaleuca.com and tools from Folica.com.

Hair styles look playful, feminine and sexy for the new year in 2017. It’s always fun to experiment with new trends, because hair, fashion and makeup work beautifully altogether. Make your beauty statement now.