3 Top Colorado College Towns

Looking at colleges in the Centennial State? You’re not alone—Colorado is home to dozens of universities and colleges, as well as a number of other accredited community and trade schools. Here’s the rundown on three of the best college towns in Colorado.


Within 25 miles of Denver, you can find no fewer than 69 public and private institutions of higher learning—and the term “higher” takes on multiple meanings here, as the city’s elevation is officially listed as one mile above sea level.  The University of Colorado Denver offers a multitude of programs for students of all stripes, and the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design boasts a beautiful setting that’s sure to fire the imagination. For those with an eye for the culinary arts, Denver is home to one of the four branches of the famed Johnson and Wales University (the campus underwent a lengthy expansion in 2015), located just ten miles from the thriving downtown scene.

Colorado Springs

For a number of reasons, Colorado Springs is a highly popular place to live. For college students, it may be even better. Many of the colleges offer flexible class schedules and curriculums, which allow residents to take advantage of the many outdoor opportunities that await just outside the door. There’s also a thriving arts community, exciting nightlife, and museums for when the folks come to visit. If you don’t arrive with a car, the College Pass System provides easy access to many campuses. The Mountain Metropolitan Transport is also a good option when it comes to exploring the downtown area.


It probably goes without saying that anyone who’s considering attending college in Denver will have a healthy appreciation for nature. The University of Colorado Boulder provides the ideal backdrop for students who are hoping to use some of that enthusiasm in the next phase of their studies. The campus is home to a natural history museum, as well as the Fiske Planetarium, an impressive geodesic structure that plays host to a myriad of exhibits on astronomy and astrophysics. Downtown Boulder is also a major draw, with the four-block pedestrian district known as the Pearl Street Mall serving as the crown jewel.

From its splendid natural beauty to the bustling diversity of its picturesque cities, Colorado has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. Should you choose to pursue your studies at one of its highly accredited universities, the next few years are bound to hold more adventures than you can count.

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