3 Essential Tips to Help Keep Your Living Room Furniture Looking Nice and New

Living room furniture is often a major financial expense. To protect your investment, these tips will help you keep furniture looking new and fresh. Regular cleaning and avoiding messes are obvious, but what about your daily use and even how you position pieces in your living space? Here are three fundamental aspects of furniture care that you can implement.

Keep Your Pets Off

Cats and dogs might love to curl up next to you on the sofa after a long day. They may even have a favorite chair of their own! But pets pose a major hazard to your furniture in more ways than one. Aside from scratches and tears, pet fur and dander can become embedded in upholstery, resulting in discoloration and odor.

Keeping pets off furniture might be a challenge if they’ve grown accustomed to sharing; a pet furniture repellent can be applied without damaging your sofa, couch or loveseat; classic training and noise conditioning can help to further deter your four-legged companions from cozying up on your furniture.

Protect From Sunlight

Although you may love to laze about on your chaise lounge, too much direct sunlight can cause your furniture to lose its luster. Leather, wood and upholstery will fade if they receive too much sunlight. Covering your windows using automated blinds can extend the life of your possessions. Strategic positioning can eliminate the problem entirely, but the layout of your room may not permit you to avoid direct exposure.

Blinds, curtains and furniture covers are all excellent resources and affordable means of protection. If you appreciate a sunlit room, consider installing UV protection window films that can reflect most of the sun’s harmful rays. UV films are a good way to keep your space bright and naturally luminous without putting your furniture at risk.

Fluff and Flip

Pillows and cushions need to be regularly fluffed to maintain their form. Flipping, on the other hand, is designed to ensure that your furniture wears evenly and maintains its shape regardless of how often you use it. You should also pay close attention to which spots you sit on; try to use furniture cushions evenly so as to not wear out one section faster than the other. Fluffing can also fix saggy couch cushions, which can make a new piece of furniture appear far beyond its years.

As the central hub of the house, your living room can go through a beating. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to help make it look great again. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your living room always looking showroom-new.

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