September 2019

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  • How You Can Make Your Holiday Season More Inclusive

    The holidays are a magnificent time to throw your arms open and to embrace all that your friends and family love and cherish. Creating all-inclusive events and outings allows your loved ones to joyfully mix and mingle, while enjoying the warm feeling of the holiday season. Here are three excellent ways to brighten up your […]

  • 3 Ways to Offset the Consequences of a Bad Bike Crash

    A bike accident can be a traumatizing event, especially in major cities. Maybe you use your bike as a way to get to work, as your occupation, or simply as an enjoyable hobby. Luckily, there are a few steps to take to ensure your bike accident doesn’t impact your life completely. Read on to find […]

  • Must-Have Living Room Decor for Entertaining Guests

    Granted, there may be some people who don’t mind sitting on the floor in a bare room when they visit someone’s home. They have, after all, come to visit the person and not their furniture. But most guests have come to expect, and most hosts will provide a certain level of comfort to make the […]

  • Were You Fired for Your Disability?

    If you have a disability, your employer must make reasonable accommodations to ensure that you can do your job. Reasonable accommodations may include coming into work at a later hour, working from home where it is quieter or turning down the lights to avoid triggering a migraine. In the event that you are terminated because […]

  • 3 Neat Gadgets Every Modern Homeowner Needs in Her Life

    Some gadgets are destined for the junk drawer — others deserve a standing ovation. If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to enhance your space with technology, there’s no shortage of ways to try. But if you want proven devices that will make a tangible difference in your life, check out these three must-haves. Smart […]