July 2019

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  • 3 Fun Family Vacation Destinations That Offer Military Discounts

    Going on a family vacation is a great way to bond. Everyone works so hard throughout the year that a vacation is needed to get some rest and relaxation. When you’re in the military, there are some incredible discounts available which can allow you to have quite the vacation without spending a fortune. Busch Gardens […]

  • Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: Where Should You Stay?

    Planning a vacation can be stressful. We want a comfortable place to stay without splurging too much. We often think reserving a hotel room instead of a vacation rental is a no-brainer, but there are many perks to a rental that can end up being more cost-effective than a room. Depending on your needs, it […]

  • 3 Top Tips for a More Effective Apartment Clean

    Most people don’t want to spend all of their free time mopping and dusting. They just want to clean and be done with it for a while. While this might seem like an impossible goal, it doesn’t have to be. It is possible to clean your apartment from top to bottom and have it stay […]

  • The 4 Pillars of a Good First Impression

    First impressions are critically important because they define you. When you make a poor first impression, revising someone’s opinions of you becomes nearly impossible. The person’s “mental hard drive” can’t be so easily overwritten. If you made poor impressions in the past, the time has come to make necessary changes for the future. Follow these […]