What You Need to Focus on to Design an Attractive Kitchen Space

The trend towards sterile, unused looking kitchens has gone out of the window with the onset of pandemic cooking and baking. While most families have calmed down on use of sourdough somewhat, you still want to have a beautiful kitchen that also is useful and personal to your needs and design style. What should be your focus when considering designing an attractive kitchen space?


Whereas it used to be on trend to use marble, marble is higher maintenance. Quartz is on trend for new remodels, as it is less likely to stain or need resurfacing. Things like butcher block can add a great deal of warmth to a kitchen, and gain beauty through use. Concrete is a great surface and its use in modern countertops is both beautiful and functional. Think towards the future! While some trends include new design features like waterfall islands, this might date your house in the future, or limit redesign later on.


Kitchen cabinets add storage capacity and allow you to avoid major upgrades. It’s important when choosing cabinets to think about maximizing space and the general use of areas in the kitchen. If you like storing and using gourmet spices, a spice cabinet built in might be for you! If you love baking, a specialty cookie sheet cabinet that goes over the fridge can use an underutilized space while also looking beautiful. Make sure cabinets have drawer pulls if they are deep, to bring hidden items out within reach.


Regardless of how large or small your kitchen is, eventually your family gathers into it. Whether it is where you cook while helping with homework, or have parties which always end up hanging around the stove taste testing deliciousness, your kitchen needs great seating options. If you have a smaller space, consider a booth or similar option with benches. There are modern designs of tables and other modifications which can give you not only beautiful design, but also really lovely chances to have those you love seated close to you in comfort.

There’s no place like a kitchen for the sharing of space and good conversation. Maximize your space with your design by making sure your cabinets and seating fit both the space and those who need it. Find beautiful counters which also will be useful for decades to come. Your home will be ready to welcome friends and family!

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