What are good colors for an accent wall?

Does your living room need a little sprucing up? Is your design “chi” a little outdated? Tired of the same old look that still seems bland even after rearranging the furniture? If so, then chances are your ambiance doldrums will be invigorated by simply painting one of your walls with a stunning accent color. Indeed, often the biggest impact can be made with just a simple solution. And painting just one wall is a simple solution, indeed. So, if you’re interested in painting an accent wall, what are good colors for an accent wall?

Choose a color that compliments

First, when it comes to choosing a color for a wall, be sure to choose one the compliments the rest of the room. You don’t want the color to clash. You want the color to pop.

If you want to go for a striking look and a bold impact, dark accent walls usually are a winner. Even a black accent wall! Not only do darker colors provide great contrast, but they’re pretty good at masking things like dirt and dust. Moreover, some people choose to create a black accent wall to “mask” a wall-mounted TV.

On the other hand, if you want to use a bright color for an accent wall, doing so will help add a sort of “sophistication” to an otherwise “unsophisticated” room, like a laundry room.

If you’re more keen to stay in the middle-of-the-road, and want to avoid extremes, then you can always default to softer hues. Just be sure to choose a hue that still compliments the already-existing color scheme present in your room. This includes furnishing, carpet, and frames.


In conclusion, as you look at doing this great DIY project, do so with the optimism that you will succeed. Embrace the change and love the difference an accent wall will bring to your home. It will bring new life and happiness to your abode.

Happy painting.