Luxury Home Features That You Should Spend with a Large Christmas Check

If you got a large bonus this last year, you may be trying to decide the best way to spend it. Adding luxurious updates to your home can be a great way to use a bonus that will benefit the whole family. Whatever luxuries you find most appealing, there is something for everyone, and making the most of your Christmas bonus will go a long way in improving the time you spend at home.

A Home Spa

Luxuriating at the spa doesn’t have to be an occasional treat when you bring the spa experience home. A spa can bring you to new levels of relaxation and enjoyment that can turn lazy days at home into beautiful experiences that you want to have time and time again.

A home spa can help you look better, sleep better, and feel better, which makes it an investment totally worth making. Look around at the best options for you and your home before making a decision, so you can be satisfied in your home every day.

Heated Floors

Radiant heating is a luxury that is common outside the US and becoming more common here. Having toasty floors every day can make cool mornings and late nights a little more pleasant as a welcoming warmth invites you out of bed and across the floor. Radiant floors are quiet, consistent, and beautiful and can bring heat to your home without spreading potential allergens like more traditional heating systems can do. An investment in radiant heating can make your whole home a more comfortable place to be.

A Fitness Room

Adding a fitness room in your home can make your daily life simpler and healthier. With a home gym, you no longer have to venture out through crowds and storms to get your daily exercise, instead, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. Work to make your gym well suited to your personal exercise preferences and consider including a TV so you can watch things while you exercise, or even take a class online to help you make the most out of your work out. Invest in equipment that you already use at the gym, or that you are excited about to help you really use the room once you have it.

A Second Kitchen

Adding a second kitchen to your home can bring convenience and luxury to your home life every day. If there’s one place you should put in a second kitchen, it’s on your deck. With an outdoor kitchen, you can make barbecues and family parties easier and more fun, while also decreasing clean up and helping to get everyone involved. You won’t have to deal with the difficulties of hosting an outside party while you are stuck in the kitchen, since you will be able to participate and have fun along with everyone else. Adding a second kitchen can make your house more usable and fun all year long.

Smart Lighting

It is a small thing but having smart light fixtures that you can control from your phone is a great luxury that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Never again will you need to deal with the cold of your bedroom when you have to get out of the covers and turn off the lights before bed. Instead, you can turn off the lights in your room with the touch of a button and without ever even shifting under the blankets. Smart lighting can also be a great addition to your kitchen and living areas and give you the option to control and adjust your lighting in any room without getting up or changing position.

Remote Control Blackout Blinds

There is nothing quite as luxurious as sleeping in late on the weekends without any little cracks of sunlight sneaking through to wake you up. With remote control blackout blinds, you can maximize your ability to spend lazy mornings in bed while keeping your room dark and cool, and never needing to leave your bed to adjust the blinds.

With motorized blinds, you can also put them on a timer to wake up to the sun on your schedule every morning. These blinds are also super convenient and look great in any house, so you can live the life of luxury and keep things looking and feeling just the way you need.

A Beautiful and Spacious Bathroom

There is something exceptionally luxurious about an indulgent bathroom space. Redoing your bathroom to make it a safe haven, in calming colors and with a spacious shower and high-quality fixtures, will make every morning a little more luxurious. A bathroom update can be expensive, but it will also be something that you use and enjoy every day. Choose a color scheme that you find calming and create a shower and bath area that makes you want to spend time there and get up every morning. Everyone has to spend time in the bathroom each day, and by making it somewhere you want to be, you can improve your waking hours day by day.

A Theater Space

Having a beautiful and comfortable space for watching movies and playing video games is a luxury that can make your whole family comfortable. The perfect theater room has cushy seating, a huge screen or projector, and the capacity to get very dark at any time of the day. When designing your theater space, think about what kinds of movies or games your family most likes watching, and how you like to spend your time while being entertained together. Then, cater the design and feel of your theater room to those needs. Your theater room can be totally unique to your needs, which means it can be as luxurious as you want it to be.

Making your home a luxurious place to spend your time will help you to enjoy it more fully and make the most of your life. Start updating your home with little luxuries today and see how it improves things now and in the future.

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