How to Get Healthier Hair On a Dime

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We all desire strong, shiny, beautiful hair, but often times, maintaining this look is out of our control. In other words, certain medications can thin our locks, genetics can play a role, and abusing hair chemicals and processes can also damage strands. There is hope, and simple steps can help with hair restoration and re-build the quality of your tresses.

Here is how to get Healthier Hair On a Dime:

Keep Up with Salon Visit Snips

Most hair professionals will tell you that cutting away the dead ends really matter, even if the snipping is tiny. Please maintain those salon visits, so an expert can remove the split ends and create your healthy mane. That simple process stops hair breakage. It’s the breakage that makes hair look thinner at the ends and shorter.

Frequent trims will not accelerate rapid growth because everyone’s locks grow about a quarter of an inch to one half inch per month.

Wasting Money On Hair Vitamins

Dermatologists say that stocking up on hair supplements, especially biotin, is not a bad thing, but as far as helping your hair grow fast and long, it’s a myth. In fact, hair vitamins have not been proven to thicken your locks either, and most people already have plenty of biotin naturally in their bodies.

Beautiful Illusions of Thickness

The right hairstyle can conceal thinning hair or manes that show damage and little volume. According to salon professionals, keep your haircut blunt, and that will allow your tresses to appear as thick as they can be. Avoid razor cuts which can look ragged quickly, and say no to lots of layers.

Another amazing way to add to your hair’s body is through Allure Hair Building Fibers. The much-talked about product delivers instant thicker hair with a safe, advanced formula.

Ancient Ayurvedic Remedy Can Help

For those who enjoy Indian foods, turmeric is a bright yellow spice that has been used for centuries to maintain a healthy body. Turmeric powder is an anti-inflammatory packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are healthy for both your hair and scalp.

Some drink turmeric powder in a tea with milk and honey. There are numerous tea recipes online touting the benefits of turmeric.

Some people shell out hundreds of dollars for pricey supplements, gadgets and hair treatments that pose some unwanted side effects. Growing great hair takes patience and sensible action.


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