How to Gain New Exposure for Your Church in the Community

Unfortunately, the evolution of social expectations has secularized much of the world today. More than ever, having a source of spiritual upliftment is something many are striving to find to regain some sense of order and peace. For church leaders like you, gaining exposure for your congregation in the community is the best way to invite and provide that spiritual upliftment.

Collaborate With the Community

Find any opportunity to involve yourself in community activity. Especially for a church organization, personal interaction is the best kind of networking—people will feel more inclined to involve themselves with a group they feel personally attached to or personally invited to. Build relationships with individuals and prove your dedication to general development and service. Offer your resources to local projects and events. Large-scale meetings, centers for service projects, and any outreach to nursing homes, homeless shelters, children’s care, or medical organizations are noble causes that both promote your name and your cause.

Increase Marketing Efforts

Physical and electronic advertisements will get your name out to anyone you can’t reach personally. Simple means can make a big difference! Social media is an obvious tool for broadcasting your vision and goals, but other tangible mediums like printed advertisements can catch attention even more effectively. Look into transportation advertising, like bus ads or vehicle wraps. Depending on the size, it may cost up to $2,000 to wrap a vehicle, but if that vehicle is your property you will not have to pay consistent fees for advertising space. Regardless of what medium you choose, any form of marketing will increase awareness of your church.

Make a Name for Yourself

The best way to expose yourself to the community is to be a part of it! Attach your name to as many different social fields as you can. Sponsor a sports team, promote your members’ companies, create sub-groups that allow all people, regardless of their faith, to connect. Encourage friendships and invitations to unassuming activities that welcome various opinions and lifestyles… the more people you get in your doors, the more your name will be spread as well. If you can create a space where everyone feels welcome, where people feel included and even drawn to, you will have accomplished a goal of upliftment and endorsement.

The good you do can reach even more people than you can access on your own. All you have to do is make efforts to engage in the community, market your purpose, and make your name a welcoming one! These steps will bring a new feeling of success and devotion to your cause.