Home Flooring Trends for 2021

The number of people planning and performing home remodels and renovations increased greatly in 2020. In many cases, they were triggered by the increased amount of time spent at home and attention being drawn towards areas that could stand to be improved. If you’re still riding that wave and intend to make changes to your flooring this year, there are some trends in flooring you should be aware of.


Hardwood floors have enjoyed an increase in popularity for some time now. This year, engineered hardwood, which is different from solid hardwood, is likely to be trending as a top hardwood flooring option. Expect concrete to move from being a virtually exclusive garage flooring option to indoor portions of the home. Staining and personalization options make concrete floors far more intriguing than you might expect. Vinyl flooring is also likely to be popular, thanks to its versatility in design, ability to mimic wood, and overall low maintenance needs.


Hardwood floors in lighter colors were expected to be among last year’s popular flooring trends. This year could see preferences shifting towards mid-tone woods, which can be great since they are incredibly versatile when it comes to making them fit with the rest of the room. Bleached wood looks are likely to be popular with those who want to give their homes the impression of being cleaner. Of course, greige floors are still a good neutral option that can be appealing to a wide range of people and be used to create sophistication within a home.


Textures, both visual and tactile, are likely to be popular in 2021. Tiles and wood arranged in patterns lend architectural and visual interest to your floors. Materials such as textured tiles, vinyl, and linoleum can mimic the textures of other materials, such as marble, wood, and tile without the cost or increase in maintenance. It’s also worth noting for those who enjoy carpeted floors that carpet tiles and high-pile plush textures are the trending options for carpeted surfaces. Carpet tiles can be used to create some visually intriguing looks, while high-pile carpet offers a soft, fluffy texture that can feel positively luxurious underfoot.

While trends change from year to year, or even more frequently, being aware of them and anticipating future trends can help you keep your home looking up to date. As you track the trends, keep in mind materials, colors, and textures in flooring. These aspects can help guide you as you select the best new flooring options for your home.

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