Fashion Trends You Need to Jump On

Every year fashion trends change. New trends come out on the runways and other trends are recycled that were popular years ago. That said, it can be difficult to keep up with the frequent changes in the fashion industry. To keep you in the loop, there are a couple of current trends you should know about.

Bright Colors

Recently there has been a counter movement against simple neutral toned outfits, that is, people are wearing brighter colors. This trend can be seen in different styles ranging from loungewear and athletic clothes to business and formal attire. Brightly colored clothing can be styled in a monochromatic look or as a statement piece. Wearing bright colors can also be a great way to boost your mood and build your confidence. It shows that you are not afraid to stand out among your peers. Your outfits could include bright colors like yellows, oranges, blues, and purples.

Oversized Jackets

A few years ago, everything from shirts to jackets needed to be fitted. Now, oversized jackets are the perfect sample in your closet. They are easy to pair with any outfit and look great on many different body types for both females and males. You should invest in a few different styles like blue and black denim, or windbreaker and bomber jackets. Oversized jackets look great on top of a fitted outfit but can also work with more loose outfits as well. As a result of their versatility, they can be worn in pretty much any season and in any weather. If you would prefer that the jacket would not look overly baggy, you should look for a jacket that sits right on your shoulder and is the right arm length.

Skirt Outfits

Skirts have become another great addition to your wardrobe for both casual and formal looks. Skirts are incredibly versatile, and you can find one to fit almost any occasion. Among the younger generation, tennis skirts have become a popular pairing with oversized sweatshirts or crop tops, giving a vintage cheerleader look. You can also wear a longer flowy skirt for a more bohemian feel without sacrificing comfort. In general, skirts are better than dresses because they can be styled in different ways depending on what you pair with them. The best skirts are high-waisted because they add more definition to your outfit and draw attention to the smallest part of your body.

Folk-Inspired Patterns

Another trend that has become popular in the last couple of years is folk-inspired patterns. That said, people are increasingly aware of what it means to use other cultures for their own advantage and not paying respectful homage to the inspirations they used. With that in mind, you can incorporate folk-inspired patterns into your clothes in ways that are more respectful and benefit those cultures instead of large corporations. This is often seen in hand embroidered dresses and blouses. Folk-inspired patterns are a great way to reuse old styles and breathe new life into them as you remember where the styles came from.


Hair accessories, like scrunchies, are a trend from the past that has resurfaced and continued to grow. Even though the design is fairly simple, scrunchies still come in a variety of different patterns, colors, and fabrics. Silk and satin scrunchies are a must have for those with textured hair as they will not damage the hair or leave dents in the hairstyles once removed. Scrunchies are also great because you can wear them around your wrist when not in use and it adds a nice touch to an outfit, as opposed to the basic black hair tie. There are mini scrunchies for those with thinner hair or for a more subtle look, and there are even oversized scrunchies to pair with the perfect updo. Scrunchies can be bought in a store or sewn at home using scrap fabric.

Loose-fitting Jeans

Going along with the oversized jacket trend, skinny or tight-fitting jeans are no longer popular. Nowadays it is all about loose-fitting jeans, like mom jeans, boot cut, or flare jeans. They are much more comfortable than skinny jeans as they are much less restricting. Like skirts, today’s jeans are often high-waisted for women, making the jeans a perfect pairing with cropped shirts or hoodies, or tucked in tops. People will often criticize this style of jeans saying that they are less flattering, but even loose-fitting jeans can be flattering if they fit correctly around the hips and waist. They are good for all ages and are a trend everyone can get behind.

Vintage Style

As shopping at the thrift store has become more popular, so has vintage styles. However, unlike other trends, vintage style does not point to a specific era, but just to anything that is not in the current mainstream fashion. This means that vintage clothes from the 60s can be just as on trend as clothes from the 90s and so on. Additionally, when you shop for authentic vintage clothes, you are benefiting the environment by reusing something that would have gone to waste otherwise. Shopping vintage also allows you to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will increase your style credibility.


Athleisure and other more casual styles have brought more attention to the sneaker market. With the new availability, there are trendy sneaker styles for everyone. For more sporty looks, there are chunky tennis shoes that can be worn with a matching sweatsuit set or even a casual dress for a chicer look. Skater sneakers are also more popular for a street style or a grunge look. As with other popular trends right now, sneakers are all about achieving maximum comfort during the day-to-day activities.

Trends will come and go just as the seasons, but it is still possible to keep up with the main trends if you invest in staple wardrobe pieces. The most important thing in fashion is that you are confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. Today’s trends prioritize comfort and body inclusivity for that reason. As you grow your new wardrobe, have fun and do not be afraid to try out new styles.