• How to Improve Manufacturing Safety without Hurting Productivity

    Improving productivity is one of the most important objectives in a manufacturing plant. However, there are several other important constraints on this objective. For example, you can’t go over budget on efforts to improve your speed and efficiency. Perhaps one of the most important constraints is safety. While trying to squeeze out more efficiency, you […]

  • Home Flooring Trends for 2021

    The number of people planning and performing home remodels and renovations increased greatly in 2020. In many cases, they were triggered by the increased amount of time spent at home and attention being drawn towards areas that could stand to be improved. If you’re still riding that wave and intend to make changes to your […]

  • New Hobbies That You Can Start with a Big Windfall

    If you have recently received a large windfall and are trying to think of productive ways to spend it, a new hobby may be just what you need. Investing in an expensive hobby may have been out of reach before, but with your new finances, you can try out those exciting hobbies that you have […]

  • What are good colors for an accent wall?

    Does your living room need a little sprucing up? Is your design “chi” a little outdated? Tired of the same old look that still seems bland even after rearranging the furniture? If so, then chances are your ambiance doldrums will be invigorated by simply painting one of your walls with a stunning accent color. Indeed, […]