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  • DIsability Law

    Were You Fired for Your Disability?

    If you have a disability, your employer must make reasonable accommodations to ensure that you can do your job. Reasonable accommodations may include coming into work at a later hour, working from home where it is quieter or turning down the lights to avoid triggering a migraine. In the event that you are terminated because […]

  • Barrels

    Top 3 Breweries in New Mexico

    If you are a craft beer enthusiast, New Mexico’s various brewhouses will be an exciting trail of discovery. With unique, local ingredients, New Mexico offers some unique flavor profiles that you are unlikely to experience anywhere else. If you are planning on visiting the state, here are three breweries to try out. Santa Fe Brewing […]

  • New Apartment

    4 Red Flags to Avoid When Apartment Hunting

    Searching for a new apartment can stir up a potent cocktail of excitement and stress, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and likely to overlook important details. Refer back to these 4 red flags that should make you think twice about signing a lease agreement and make sure that you don’t move into a place that’s more […]

  • Wheelchair

    How to Cope With Sudden Disability

    When they say that life comes at you fast, it is often to lighten the mood, but if you have been in an accident that left you with a sudden disability, then you know life actually came at you in a flash. There is little doubt that a situation such as this can be daunting. […]

  • Fruits and Vegetables

    4 Nutrition Tricks to Help You Feel Your Best

    Everyone has different nutritional needs. However, there is a lot of information out there about nutrition that can be misleading. This information can end up giving you the wrong idea about what proper nutrition looks like. Fortunately, we have a guide available that will help you understand proper nutritional practices that can boost your energy […]