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  • What are good colors for an accent wall?

    Does your living room need a little sprucing up? Is your design “chi” a little outdated? Tired of the same old look that still seems bland even after rearranging the furniture? If so, then chances are your ambiance doldrums will be invigorated by simply painting one of your walls with a stunning accent color. Indeed, […]

  • Are Gap jeans good

    Jeans are one of those quirky articles of clothing that, depending on the person, can be a challenge to be a perfect fit. Take two people with the same body dimensions and put the same pair of jeans on each of them, and you’re likely to receive two different opinions on how well they fit. […]

  • The style of an urban cowboy

    When you think of the wild west, you think of, well, “wild” things: Wild animals, wilderness, wild outlaws, and wild clothing. One definition for wild is: without regulation or control And clothing in the wild west certainly was without regulation. In fact, the clothing for American cowboys was based primarily on utility–not fashion. Cowboy boots, […]