10 Unique Hobbies You Didn’t Know Existed

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After a long week at work, nothing is better than taking a load off by indulging in your favorite hobby. Most people engage in everyday activities such as running, knitting, and even couponing. However, there must be more novel options out there.

There are plenty of unusual hobbies hidden deep within the internet. It may take much research to find one that is perfect for you. We have curated a list of 10 unique hobbies you didn’t know existed, equipping you with a plethora of excellent options. Some of these hobbies are a variation of traditional pastimes, while others are so out of this world that it is unbelievable!

1. Toy Voyaging

Does your favorite toy need a vacation? There are a few companies that allow individuals all over the world the opportunity to ship their toy anywhere. By registering on their site, you can send your gadget to a host, or you can host someone else’s favorite toy. Hosts send post pictures to owners, and owners can even request that hosts take their toy to a specific location such as the Eiffel Tower! Once the trip is over, the toy safely returns to its owner.

Who knew that this hobby community was out there? Toy voyaging allows other fellow hobbyists the chance to virtually meet one another as they send their favorite toys around the world. Toy voyaging is a hobby you must try if you enjoy traveling from the comfort of your own home!

2. Extreme Ironing

Ironing is the most mundane task known to man. Nothing is more daunting than looking at the pile of laundry that needs ironing. For that reason, Phil Shaw created an extreme hobby out of a domestic chore.

Phil Shaw created extreme ironing in 1997, combining exciting outdoor activities with the satisfaction of a well-pressed article of clothing. In 1999, Shaw even went on a world tour promoting his new sport.

Initially, people ironed on mountains and in unusual locations; however, people are much more daring now. Some people even iron while bungee jumping, surfing, and even rock climbing.

There have even been extreme ironing world championships.

3. Grooming Dogs

Some hobbyists competitively groom their dogs. Sure, some people groom their dogs monthly which is relatively normal. Trimming a dog’s coat is standard in the industry. Hobbyists dye their pet’s hair to resemble other animals such as lions and tigers.

It is essential that you choose non-toxic dyes while partaking in this hobby. Otherwise, it may be detrimental to your pet’s health.

4. Topiary

You might have heard of people keeping bonsais and pruning them to relax and create some zen, and that’s great. But did you know you could take it to the extreme? Some people like to prune fruit trees, or sometimes just bushes and shrubs, and make decorative shapes with them. Pruning not only helps keep trees healthy and beautiful, but it also provides the same type of concentration and trance-like state for people who enjoy pruning bonsais. Just on a larger scale. We think it’s pretty cool.


5. Soap Carving

In Thailand, soap carvings are sold at most markets. Amongst hobbyists, soap carving is viewed highly as it takes a lot of skill to create these works of art.

A professional soap carver may make their soap formulas and molds, in addition to carving their designs once the soap is ready. Soap carving kits are sold both online and at brick and mortar stores.

Carving kits include stencils and tools to create a personalized bar of soap.

6. Listening to ASMR Videos

ASMR, also known as an autonomous sensory meridian response, is an experience typically described as a tingling or static-like sensation on the skin. People create videos that induce the feelings one gets when experiencing ASMR.

Content creators offer videos based on past experiences, like an older sibling brushing your hair or playing a board game. An actor plays the role of a specific character in front of a green screen in these types of videos.

Some people prefer watching eating videos or listening to a variety of sounds such as tapping, brushing, and whistling.

7. Mooing

We all know that there are people superb at making animal noises. Believe it or not, there is such a thing called competitive mooing. These competitions usually take place in rural areas, as they are known for their dairy products. Wisconsin has held a few mooing contests over the years at their state fair.

Winners are congratulated with dairy products, money, and sometimes just a medal to let people know that they are the best mooer around!

8. Faking Your Death

Chuck Lamb is widely known as the Dead Body Guy. Since a young age, he aspired to be an actor; however, he knew that he was not very good at public speaking. Most acting gigs require the actor to have at least a few lines.

Chuck figured out that he should try out for non-speaking roles, which lead to his career as a horror icon. He posts staged photos of his death online regularly, and many people have followed on with this trend.

People get insanely creative with this hobby, especially those interested in a career in the horror film industry.

9. Writing Horoscopes Using Astrology

Composing horoscopes is a unique hobby, that requires years of experience and knowledge of astrology. Astrologers write horoscopes using the information they have gathered about the Moon. The moon changes rapidly, every 2 to 2-1/2 days. It changes our behavior, mood, and affections every day, which is why it is a key factor in creating an accurate horoscope.

This hobby is not spoken about often; however, there is a large community of people who write horoscopes professionally and for fun.

10. Tape Art

Tape art is the act of taking a cassette tape, pulling out the magnetic tape from inside, and creating an image of the recording artist using the tape. This form of art is growing in popularity as people are increasingly more interested in former artists.

Why Hobbies Matter

Hobbies are important to the mental welfare of many people, as they serve as both pleasurable pastime and help add purpose in someone’s life. It can help ground and focus people who lead stressful lives, and need to find a way to relax. Additionally, it can help people who are recovering, particularly from addictions, as they will need new distractions, they will be recovering from common long-term substance abuse issues such as withdrawal or liver damage. Hobbies, when done right, can add a lot to a person’s life.

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